Cannot link Music on NAS with new SonicTransporter

Sometimes this hobby can be so frustrating.

I am using the exact same details that works on windows and ROCK but keep getting - could not connect to share host not found - whilst trying to set up my new shiny SonicTransporter.

Any ideas?


He will help you.

What is your NAS? Apparently there has been a recent update to Synology that may have mucked up the SMB approach.
If it was Synology and you used SMB hostname, you may need to resort to adding the NAS by IP address.

He’s on holidays, which is fair enough.

@grossmsj it’s a QNAP.

I’m using \QNAPNAME\MUSIC nomenclature which as I say works with both my windows and Linux (ROCK) devices.


Have you also tried:

smb://NASDRIVENAME/Music (note forward slashes)

I have no idea why it might be different with the ST…

Why thanks you sir, that works!

.sjb :grinning:

Enjoy your new toy!
I’m enjoying The Open Championship at Royal Portrush on TV. The Emerald Isle is showing nicely.

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