Cannot load your database

My Antipodes DX server was in for service. Larry Owens repaired a filesystem issue and tested, Roon rebuilt its database and ran perfectly for him. I believe that this was with Roon 1.7 and that Roon 1.8 released while the DX was in transit back. I reconnected the DX, my iPad Roon remote found the core, then gave a message that database needed to update, then ‘there was an issue loading your database, head over to Roon Community.’

So here I am, any help will be appreciated. I’m not technically inclined so please dumb it down for me. The current ‘there was an issue’ screen does not give me any options to navigate elsewhere in Roon, I’m stuck on the screen. I have not tried anything reinstalling Roon OS or anything like that, would like instructions before doing anything.

Using my laptop to access MyAntipodes and it’s Roon Server app I can see that Roon 1.8 is now installed. The laptop is not part of my system.

Perhaps contact Larry again.

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