Cannot Locate Data/Reinstall Folder on Nucleus Titan for HDMI Fix (ref#GAEDSG)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with my DAC, speakers, streamer, etc.

What best describes the issue with your audio device?

· My device has never shown up in Settings > Audio

Describe the issue

I have nucleus Titan. I tried to use the early access fix for HDMI problem but don’t see data/reinstall folder on the Titan. Wha should I do?

Describe your network setup

Titan and McIntosh MX122 also Sonos working fine

Send @Jamie a private message and he will do it for you, as he said here:

To send him a private message, click here → @Jamie, then click the blue Message button

Hey @William_A_Biermann,

@Suedkiez is correct here - our team can absolutely help you with it directly.

That said, if you’re still curious and want to learn where the folder lives, you can click the link here to review our KB article on how to navigate to your Nucleus’ Database Location :+1:

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