Cannot log in to Qobuz, network error

You see, I did have the right idea about this.

I tend to believe the root cause is not from Roon Labs.

With so many network experts in this forum, perhaps someone may be able to explain why (the major public or ISP own) DNS servers just don’t do a good job for some people. We suffered from this problem for years - different users all over the world have been having DNS problems, this never stopped, and we needed to tell them to change DNS, which could be difficult, impossible or some users are just unwilling. In another thread right after I told @CrystalGipsy I never encountered users with problem with Google DNS, then I jinxed myself and got cases of problem with Google DNS. I want to know why a single, universally working DNS just does not exist. For Tidal, it is my experience that ISP DNS are often particularly bad.

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if so… afaik… and since every other app/player here was resolving Qobuz just fine… Roon generates some “weird” traffic, or too much “suspicious” traffic, or some id##t of a user reports it and it gets blacklisted by a given DNS server. then, someday, it gets whitelisted again
rinse an over time repeat for other major DNS servers

though I believe it is something in Roon as… I immediately reported v790 search was sluggishly slow since the very instant I installed it
search is now back to usual speed

The issue I have is that everyone seems to assume DNS is the root cause of the problem for everything related to streaming issues without properly investigating. The fact that in this situation often users also have no issues using Tidal or Qobuz apps which surely are using the same DNS servers as its using the same network unless the manually changed them.

In this case the cause is DNS as its clearly showing an issue in the logs with resolving it’s IP. Bu I would have to ask why? I would also recommend if it is DNS related to complain to your ISP rather than skate around the issue and switch DNS providers or it won’t ever get fixed or investigated. DNS does go down from time to time on ISP and from the bigger DNS providers it’s a big WW out there it’s not trouble free and switching might fix one problem to only bring along another.

not exactly: issue was Roon + Qobuz (or better… ROCK + Roon). just this combo could not resolve Qobuz’ IP
every other app, streamer, computer, phone, tablet on the network could. using the very same DNS server

so… definitely something in Roon or ROCK

Hard to say but I feel the root is not your DNS provider if it works with other apps. Maybe it’s timing out too soon. It used to get issues logging in to Tidal for me at one point due to my switch using Spanning Tree Protocol which holds network activity for 30 secs when a device connects to check for any loops. Rock didn’t like this and would report the same resolving issues at boot and Tidal would then not log in until I restarted the sever part of Rock not the hardware . They changed something in ROCK to be able to deal with this situation but it might be something similar that causes it. I take it you had rebooted your core and router before trying the new DNS?

yes I did
and after changing DNSs… I only had to reboot ROCK (not even the router!): every other machine immediately got the DNS change

as I wrote… something was wrong from the very instant I updated Roon to v790: search became immediately sluggish and stayed this way, despite various reboots, 'till yesterday when I changed DNSs

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