Cannot log in to Roon Account

Hi Roon,

I just installed the Roon server in my Synology DS720+ and also set up my Roon account.

i just try to log in to my Roon account (the app can find the Roon server in the network), with the log in and password input which i’m sure that they are all correct, but I just could not log in. The icon “Logging in” just keep flashing for long time (same for Windows and ipad log in).

Is it because the Roon server will need time to work out the database? I can see in the synology resource monitoring that the Roon Server is working but the CPU% is just 0.1% and with 250MB Ram being used.


Moving this to #support to get eyes on it

Hi Johhny

I can solve the problem now.

I uninstalled and reinstall the roon server in the NAS, but select a dummy path for the music directory which is empty actually. Then I can log in with the IPAD, followed by choosing the right music folder. Then i can note the resource level of the Roon Server in NAS increases a lot and is running well. Everything find now.


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