Cannot log into ROON on Qnap

Roon Core Machine

Qnap TVS 471 i3 16 GB Ram wired and up to date

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT router, basic switches wired network

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Pulse, Pulse 2 and Flex. Meridian 210

Library Size

Not sure 2TB perhaps

Description of Issue

As of today, I cannot connect to the Roon core via iPad Pro or android.
I have restarted my NAS twice, rebooted my router and all switches.
I have also restarted my IPad Pro a couple of times and restarted the Roon app on the NAS.
Using Fing, I can ping the NAS and all my endpoints on the network.
My internet is working normally in all other regards.

When I briefly did connect to Roon, no audio endpoints were discovered, the first sign of an issues was a warning flag within Roon saying I could not log into Tidal, where as my Tidal app is logged in ok.

Any assistance would be appreciated as nothing has changed here and up until today Roon has performed normally.

On my android phone, I get this if I click on it, Roon just hangs…

Further playing allows me to see Roon but the core is not connecting to the internet or seeing any of my audio device

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Hello @Chrislayeruk,

Thanks so much for sharing in detail the issue you’ve ran into. We’d love to help :nerd_face:

I was wondering if you could install Roon fresh on your Qnap? If you have made regular backups, you won’t be losing any of your Roon data - you’ll be able to restore your backup after the install.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks, I have removed and reloaded ROON on the Qnap and re booted the qnap.
Now I am stuck searching for the core on IPad Pro and android.

I also have this email notification

Ok, I have logged into Qnap on my Chrome browser on Windows PC. This led me to select a database location and after re logging in and de authorising I was able to get my Roon back. I also had to re log in to Tidal.
Not being a computer man, I feel i have done well to get this far… We live and learn…

I would be curious to know why this was all suddenly necessary, is there a bug of some sort? But I accept it’s just one of those things that happen in computer world…

A nice Roon security alert Email arrived, that’s nice… Yes, it was me logging in :joy:

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