Cannot log into Tidal

Thanks. Appreciate the help. Would like to get Roon/Tidal up and running ASAP.

Hey @Kenneth_Brown,

Thanks for your patience as the team has investigated your report. The technical team has analyzed the logs and have suggested that we do the following:

  1. Shutdown your Roon Core
  2. Find and open your Roon database
  3. Navigate to /Library/Roon/Cache
  4. Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere
  5. Deleting the tidal_account file (Database/Registry/Core/tidal_account)
  6. Try restarting Roon and syncing Tidal

In order to do this we need to be able to access the Sonic Transporter over the network. As mentioned before, you should be able to access it over the network using something like this:


You should also be able to use the IP address of the machine.

Since you said you are unable to do so, there may be some networking issues at play here preventing the connection from being made. In order to try to get things in a “fresh” state, here is what I recommend:

  1. Reboot the Core machine (Sonic Transporter), Remote device (Mac), and networking hardware.
  2. Try again to connect to the Sonic Transporter over the network.

If this is unsuccessful, please send a screenshot of what happens when you enter the path in Finder and I can discuss what you’re seeing with the team.

Thanks again for your patience here, I am confident we will be able to get you up and running soon!


It has been suggested to me that uninstalling and reinstalling Roon may fix the issue. What do you think about trying that?

Hey @Kenneth_Brown,

If you want to keep your current Roon database, I do not believe that this will work for you. There are typically two types of uninstalls:

  1. Deleting the application but keeping the Roon database
    • This will not clear cache and TIDAL account file
  2. Deleting the apllication and the Roon database
    • Everything is deleted and you would be starting the database over

So if you were fine with starting completely over in Roon, this may be an option for you (I highly recommend making a backup first), but otherwise we will want to work on connecting to the Sonic Transporter via Finder.


Unable to connect Sonic Transporter via Network and will need to wait until Andrew Gillis returns from overseas to deal with that. If a back up Roon Data Base and then delete and uninstall Roon have difficult will it be to reinstall data based. As a practical matter what will I be losing ?

Hey @Kenneth_Brown,

If you uninstalled the application and deleted the database you would be starting over fresh in Roon. Edits, playlists, play history, and everything stored in the Roon database would be gone. You would need to re-import any local tracks and set everything up like it was a new installation. This would effectively clear the cache and tidal_account file, but you’d also lose other data.

If you were to then restore a backup, the issue would likely return as the cache is a part of the backup and would be restored with the rest of the data.

If you are truly okay with starting over, you could uninstall everything, but otherwise we will want make sure that we can access the Sonic Transporter using Finder.

Did you reboot your Core, remote, and networking hardware, as mentioned above?