Cannot login to qobuz through roon app

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus plus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

connected directly via ethernet cable, all Spotify, using dCS Bartok streamer, tidal, deezer no problem loggin in. QOBUZ can log in via streamer apps, while on Roon apps, cannot log in to qobuz, it says unexpected errors occurs
Ethernet switch we use Chord Company English 8 Router.

Connected Audio Devices

Roon nucleus connected to Streamer with ethernet cable, cat 6 spec cable.

Number of Tracks in Library

Total 3120 albums, 1480 artists, from my NAS Synology drive and Tidal,

Description of Issue

I can log in to Qobuz at my streamer (dcs bartok) and play music fine. However when using my Roon application to log in Qobuz, this is where there is error and hence cannt play music. Previously have been fine,playing qobuz using my streamer apps as well as Roon aps.

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Hi Clarissa,

I moderated the image because it contained your email address. Please feel free to re-post an image of the error message without your email address displayed.

If you haven’t yet, I would reboot both the Nucleus (and maybe the router), and then try logging in again.

Yes i have tried that, is there any alternative things to do or any support team that can help look into this problem?


Rebooted the router as well. I would verify you are logged out of Qobuz service in Roon, and then clear the cache. Reboot the Core and then try and log in again.

Cache clearing steps detailed in this post.Qobuz login failing [Resolved - Cleared Cache] - #2 by ged_hickman1

I just tried doing all those steps and tried logging in qobus through roon, but still cannot log in, the same error message appears. Is there a way you can help issue a new username account?

I cannot do anything with accounts as I am a fellow user. Moderators are volunteers. I can ping @accounts for you and they might be able to help with that request. Otherwise, a support rep will touch base about the login issue.

Oh thanks for the clarification, was not aware of how the support page works. How do I get connected to the technicians first to see if they can help solve it?

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