Cannot login to Roon after MacOS reinstall and Time Machine restore [Solved: Do not use Time Machine]

I had an issue updating Mojave with the latest update a few days ago. Eventually I had to erase the disk, reinstall MacOS and restore from Time Machine Backup.

Roon was working fine prior to this issue. Core was setup on this Mac and worked fine and I saw all the networks devices. Now I cannot login on the Mac but can login on the Web and do not see any networked devices.

I have tried the line of code in the terminal also ensured the Arial fonts were not grayed out. The firewall has been turned off.

Please Help

UNInstall roon completely…Time machine does not work with roon and will mess things up. Then reinstall

you will all need to remove the database files in the library folder

Do you have a proper Roon database backup?

I have a time machine backup from my Mac backups but not a Roon specific backup.

I dont understand why so many have no roon backup…it even reminds you…i hope everyone learns form this…but so many have not in the past it wont surprise me if we see it time and time again.

Time Machine backups don’t work for Roon, unfortunately, as mentioned in our Knowledge Base.

If Roon is making backups, the archive can be backed up using Time Machine, but Time Machine is not able to make a snapshot of the Roon database, and generally results in corruption after a restore.

Unfortunately, if you only have a Time Machine backup, you’ll probably want to delete your Roon database and start fresh.

Hello All…

I just found myself in a similar situation. Last week our Mac conked out and needed to be replaced. We had a recent time machine backup.

Unfortunately, my latest ROON backup on my NAS appears to be 2018. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, I wiped my core in Feb 2020 and reinstalled Roon, I lost nothing that time around, but I must have backed up from an external drive which I can’t locate.

So here I am.

I booted up Roon and I can log in… it shows my correct music folders, but no library, no playlists, no audio devices. Total tracks in database = 0.

I started to restore from my backup location, but then realized it was 2018!!! So many quiet pandemic nights with only music would be lost! In a panic I stopped the backup restore.

Online I saw some advice to rename my Roon database in my Mac Library folder as “Roon_Old”, but I didn’t see any useful instructions after that.

My Roon database file (now “Roon old”) has 3gb of info… some of that might be gold. What are the step by step procedures to restore some of that? Any of that?

Don’t use time machine to restore…do a clean install of Roon and restore from a Roon database backup you should have been doing. There are known issues with Time Machine restores.

We strongly recommend against using Time Machine, Crashplan, Backblaze, or other backup applications to backup your “live” Roon database. If you would like to use any of these applications to back up Roon, set up a Scheduled Backup and tell your backup program to backup the RoonBackups folder.

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