Cannot Login to Tidal -

I have restarted the Roon server to no avail. When I try to login to Tidal it attempts to access the Tidal login page and after a delay I get a 504 Gateway Timeout. This occurs when trying to login to Tidal directly, as well.

Same here, for the last 10 mins

504 Gateway Time-out

Same here. Tidal API prepares for Apple Music ;).

Same here. Kicked me off in the middle of listening to a song!

Can’t sign back on. Bad gateway…

Same. Got booted and login gateway error 504.

It’s up again.

Indeed…so it appears that it actually has nothing to do with Roon then , it appears to be a Tidal issue yes?
Hopefully they will resolve it soon for you.

One more for the Tidal login issue. I am able to login to the Tidal Web and phone app without issues but will not work from Roon.

Restarted the Roon Core and no improvement.

Update- Removed Tidal from Roon and added back in settings and all is well.

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Sorry ya’ll are having issue. My Roon has been grabbing music from Tidal for the last seven hours with no issues. I am in South Florida if that has anything to do with it. Good luck!