Cannot logout from Tidal (subscription cancelled)

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Docker on Linux

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Linux host wired on Ubiquiti Unifi network hardware

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Description Of Issue

I cancelled my tidal subscription and they closed my account yesterday.

Since that moment, every time I open the Roon app on my iPhone I get the message Roon cannot login to Tidal:

So I go to setup services screen:

If I click Edit I get this screen but there is no button to logout or disable the service:

In contrast, these buttons are present in the Qobuz dialog:

Seems like a chicken/egg problem to me.

Ultimate question: how to “logout” or “disable” Tidal so I get rid of annoying startup message?

Thanks for an amazing product and, in advance, for helping me out on this one.


Yes its a pain. I had the same issue and the only solution for me was to delete the 2 Tidal files in the registry. On ROCK this can be found in: RoonServer/Database/Registry/Core/.
Hope this helps?

Confirmed workaround.

Should still be on the fixme list I think. Although with low priority.

Thanks again,

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