Cannot open itune playlists in ROON

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11 Home 64bit - Intel Core i7 9700K @ 3.60GHz Coffee Lake 14nm Technology - 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 1499MHz (15-17-17-35)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Synolofy DS920+

Connected Audio Devices

Primar CD35 Prisma via Chromecast

Number of Tracks in Library

6408 tracks

Description of Issue

Help please - I am a new user and struggling with getting ROON to access my itune playlists.
I have copied the playlists into my Shared Music Folder - see screenshot
I have enabled “Import iTune playlists” - see screenshot
However, when I select Playlists under My Stuff in Roon the Play lists do not appear?
What do I need to do to get ROON to see the iTune playlists?

Hi - is anybody able to help me with this?
I have imported my iTunes .xml files into my Watch Folder; I have also imported the .xml files into the iTunes folder within my Watch Folder.
All of the tracks in my I.Tunes Playlists are also on my Watch Folder AND also in the iTunes folder.
However, I cannot find how/ where to access and play my iTunes Playlists from within ROON?

I have never done this, but based on the many similar existing topics about this:

The documentation says:

Playlists you created in iTunes should be available to you in Roon, once you’ve included your iTunes Music Library.xml file in your iTunes Watched Folder.

Most likely, your playlist XML files contain paths to the music files where they were located in iTunes. These paths probably don’t match where your music files are now, and then Roon can’t find them.

Can you open one of the XML files on another computer, copy a few examples of the playlist track content, and post it here?

Hi - thanks for responding.
Does the following helo?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Major Version1 Minor Version1 Date2023-02-04T08:14:15Z Application Version12.12.7.1 Features5 Show Content Ratings Music Folderfile://localhost/C:/Users/Phil/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/ Library Persistent IDD50C138DC50BCF2A Tracks 1812 Track ID1812 NameCool For Cats (Single Edit) ArtistSqueeze Album ArtistVarious artists

Yes it does. It shows that the music files where expected here in the iTunes folder on your Windows machine:


But that’s not where Roon can find them, as you moved the playlist.xml files and I guess the music files to your DS920.

The instructions for importing iTunes playlists do not say say “copy a playlist.xml file to any other computer and tell Roon where to find it”. They say,

Playlists you created in iTunes should be available to you in Roon, once you’ve included your iTunes Music Library.xml file in your iTunes Watched Folder.

Do you still have the Windows computer with iTunes installed? Is it the one that still functions as your Core?

Sorry but I am a bit confused (74 years old :unamused:)

  • My “Watched Folder” is on my DS920+ - see screen shot

  • My ROON Core is installed on an SSD attached to my DS920+

  • ROON accesses all my tracks and albums that I have stored in what I think is my “Watched Folder” without any issues.

However, try as I might, I cannot get ROON to access my iTunes playlists, which I thought, I had set up correctly?

What am I doing wrong not to be able to see/access the iTune playlists in ROON.
The information I have read says you can see iTunes playlists in your LIbrary when correctly set up.
Does that mean an additional category is available within my Library in addition to Albums; Artists; Tracks; Composers; Compositions and My Live Radio?

Maybe we should wait for someone who has done this before, as I have not.

However, your playlist file says that the tracks can be found at C:/Users/Phil/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/ and this is a Windows folder, which does not exist on the Synology. So how should Roon find the files?

And as far as I can tell, the documentation for importing iTunes playlists seems to be saying something different than what you are doing. Maybe there is a another way, but I don’t see it.

Hopefully someone else who has attempted this can help out, sorry. Else, official support will help, but it can take a few days

I erased my previous post because I don’t think it is helpful. Sorry.

Maybe something here will help:

Hi Jim_F - thanks for your help on my other post.

I have now managed throungh Soundiz to export my iTunes Playlists to GoBuz - most tracks exported but not some obscure blues/punk tracks not available on Gobuz - and can then see them within ROON via My Playlists within my Qobuz link.

However, I will still persever trying to get the play;lists imported directly into ROON but now no urgency in achieving that.

I‘m mirroring my whole Music folder to my Roon Server (LocalStorage) and the Playlists are imported by Roon. As I‘m using Music App on a Mac I‘ve to export the whole library as XML beside the library file and name it iTunes Music Library.xml. Then Roon imports my Playlists for the local files.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

On the 1st February I requested help regarding iTunes Playlists.
I have since posted follow up request for help.
Other than one Community member trying , unsuccesfully, to help there has been no reply from “Support”
What is the point of paying a subscription if there is a lack of technical support to help resolve problems?


Roon @support is only 4 people. They have to prioritize based on how serious the problem is. Eventually, they get things resolved, but often, other customers are able to help each other.


A little melodramatic, don’t you think? As @Jim_F, says the Roon support team has a small number of staff and your issue isn’t exactly a show-stopper. Roon still works, you just have an issue with a playlist.

Your .XML points to a windows folder. Can you edit the target location to point it to the correct folder on your NAS?

Have a look under Control Panel>File Services on your NAS. The details under the SMB and AFP tabs should give you a hint as to the the local network location of your NAS.


@Suedkiez told you exactly what the problem was, Phil. I imagine that’s why Roon support stayed out of it.

You attempted an unsupported thing. iTunes playlists won’t work if you just move them over to a different computer, as you did. You have to leave the playlists on the Mac to use the feature where Roon will see them.


Could he somehow use Soundiz to transfer them from iTunes to Roon and his watched folder? I guess he could if he was using Tidal or Qobuz.

Yes, if he was using Tidal and Qobuz, but he’s not.

Wow, I had no idea they had just 4 people for support. I’m not sure what to make of that. How do they get it all done? I would think they’d need more people than that. Much respect to the Roon support team. Many thanks to all of those who step in to help.

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Thank you for responding to my post.
My point is that I pay a monthly subscription to a service.
I am unablwe to access all those services and there seems to be no Technical Support.
Judging by the number of requests on the forums, I would suggest that just 4 Technical Support staff is woefully inadequate.
If I cannot avail myself of the service that I pay for, then one solution is to cancel my subscription.
My preferred solution would be to resolve the issue that I have with iTune Playlists - will have to see how that goes.


Thank you for your reply.
I dont think that is melodramatic to cancel a subscription for a service where I cannot avail myself of all its features.
iTunes may not be a showstopper for you, but they are for me.

However, thank you for your suggestions.
I should point out that I am 74 yearts old and not particularly tech savvy. I have done my best to follow the information availble to get iTunes Playlists working but to no avail.

I will look into the File Service on my NAS and see if there any hints.
Thanks again.

If you read through your threads, I think it has been addressed. I’m 75, by the way.