Cannot play 5.1 albums

When I select an album which is 5.1, the album does not play. It won’t begin. Any other album plays fine.

I am using Qobuz for the source. Roon core is on Windows 10 PC. Ethernet connected to a Windows 10 PC runnning Roon Bridge. Connected to OPPO UDP203 via HDMI. Output is 7.1 analog to a McIntosh MX-120. Any 2 channel source works fine. It’s only the 5.1 surround albums which don’t play.

Can you show screenshots of the Roon device settings (including the advanced section) of the HDMI connection to your OPPO?

Qobuz 5.1 albums play fine on my multichannel setup, so it may be that your settings need tweaking…

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Thanks Geoff. Here are the screenshots of the device setup.



Thanks. I’ll move this thread across to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen and responded to (after the weekend) by a member of Roon Labs Support team.

I’m seeing category differences in the settings screen from what is shown in my setup, but then I’m using the HDMI connection on a NUC with ROCK. Better to get some advice from the Support folks…

If you change the channl layout to 5.1 does it make a difference?

Hey @Richard_White,

I cannot apologize enough that it’s been over a month until we got a chance to see this post. I am so sorry… :pensive:

I wanted to see if we could still help with this. Is the issue ongoing? Has anything changed?