Cannot Play Albums in order!

OK, This is driving me nuts. But I can’t seem to play an Album in the correct track order - from 1 - 10 for example. No matter what I do, It is always in a shuffle play. This is especially annoying when listening to classical music, but annoying that i am unable to change it.

I usually work by artist and then go to an album, and then want to play the whole album without shuffling! And also sometimes want to start an album in the middle, say track 5 and have it continue in order.

Let’s see, i am running the Roon core on a DiskStation DS918. I have one endpoint that is a Logitech transporter and another that is a PC with a Audioquest Dragonfly. I manage Roon with iPhone, ipad and PC version of the software.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi @Mitchell_Manasse,

Can you navigate to the Queue screen and confirm that the Shuffle option is disabled? Please see the screenshot below:

Hello Ian,
I think that did the trick. Who knew?
Maybe have that toggle shuffle on more screens besides the queue?

Thanks! mm

Once again, the way shuffle works really should be changed.

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