Cannot play Amethyst zone [Resolved]

I have just signed up for a Roon trial and I have 3 sonos speaker zones working perfectly. My Trinnov Amethyst has supposedly been made Roon Ready via an online update. Prior to this update the Amethyst was not even recognised as a device by Roon on my Ethernet cabled network. The problem is now nothing will play through the Amethyst. The play button is greyed out when the Amethyst is selected as the zone, but when you switch to a Sonos zone the play button becomes active and you can play anything. So it appears that Roon is not communicating with the Amethyst. Please help … the reason why I have undertaken this trial is that I was advised that using my Amethyst (which works perfectly with JRiver MC22 and JRemote) would be the perfect companion to Roon.

Of course what triggered this interest is that I have just received an NBN internet service where my internet speed has increased from a terrible 2.8 Mbps to a very solid 48 Mbps, so hence the interest in receiving quality Tidal music via Roon and hopefully playing through my Amethyst.

Please help.

Hi Montgomery,

I haven’t had any experience where there is connectivity but the play button is greyed out. Support will be along to look into matters thoroughly. It will assist them if you can give some further information regarding your setup. What is your Core running on and how is your network connected between the Core and the Amethyst, in particular are there any switches in the path.

As a preliminary step it can be good practice to restart everything (Roon Core, Amethyst) in case it is just a bad state that can be flushed out. What input do you have selected on the Amethyst ?

I am using Roon Core on my desktop PC a Windows 10 64-bit machine 16Gb RAM which is housed in my study. The house is ethernet cabled and my Amethyst resides in the theatre room where it receives its information from an 8-port Netgear switch. In my study my TG-789 router (the one supplied from my ISP to receive the NBN internet service) receives data from the outside world. This router in the study is connected to the Netgear switch in the theatre room via ethernet cable. I repeat that JRiver MC22 (running on my PC in the study) provides music for the Amethyst without any issues using JRemote on my iPad.

My Amethyst has a Roon Ready input already set up be used as the input for Roon music. This was done after Trinnov performed some update of my Amethyst. This update occurred yesterday, which at least made the Amethyst appear in the list of devices on my network. Hope this helps.

Thanks Montgomery,

Is it possible to bypass the Netgear switch in the theatre room as an experiment and connect the Amethyst directly to the incoming Ethernet cable from the router ? That could isolate out whether the issue is associated with the switch.

It would assist If you can provide a model number for the Netgear switch. Do you know if it is managed or unmanaged ? (doesn’t matter if you don’t, this can be worked out).

I have the Netgear FS108 switch. As far as I know it is unmanaged in that I don’t do anything to it other than plug cables into it. I have now connected the ethernet cable that comes directly from the modem/router to the Amethyst. This now removes my NAS drive from the router.

On doing this the Amethyst is still connected to Roon, but the play button is still greyed out.

I have now lost the Sonos zones from Roon.

I am going to put back my Netgear switch as it was before.

ok … now I have Sonos zones back but the Amethyst (which was switched on the entire time) is no longer available on the network. With Roon core running, I can switch it off and on again and then the Amethyst is visible to Roon.

When I quit Roon and then re-start it, the Amethyst is lost from the devices list (the Amethyst has been switched on the whole time). The sonos zones are always there regardless. I hope this is giving you clues regarding the problem.

I am keeping calm by playing a music stream from Tidal within Roon to my study (a sonos zone) where I am at my desk !!!


Thanks Montgomery,

The switch has automatic flow control which has caused issues in other setups, but may not be the issue here as the Amethyst play button was still greyed out when you connected directly.

I’m going to bow out now and leave you with @support who will investigate fully. They should be along shortly and I will check back to ensure they see this thread.

Hope they can get you up and running asap.

Thank you for your attention to this. It seems that this problem is not one of the usual problems !!!

@Montgomery_Campbell NBN…hmmmm Ill keep my comments to myself on the improvements but at least you have some better rates. My parents cant even get it for another 18 months I think!!!

Do make sure your the JRiver is stopped / quit etc as this might still be taking the Amethyst out of the play options perhaps. Im not familiar with the setup but is there an exclusive option in the device settings? Perhaps you could post screen shots of the Amethyst zone settings pages here.

JRiver is not running.
Screenshots of the Amethyst zone settings:


Hope this helps.

I’m not seeing anything there that jumps out … I guess the support crew will drop in here soon to lend some advice or setup your account for some diagnostics to look into it in more detail. These guys are are mostly in EU/US timezones so give it a few hours at least :smiley:

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Yes I am hoping !!

It is a perfectly good switch, use 'em all the time with Roon. :+1:

While waiting for Roon support, I would also shoot the question to Trinnov to see if they have seen this situation before. Since, this is a new rollout, perhaps your update processes got messed up or maybe a bug in their implementation or in your particular update.

When Roon starts up, it queries all the existing endpoints to check their status as well as to discover any new ones. Based on your description, Roon is sending out the queries as shown by the Sonos showing up; however, the Trinnov is not responding to its network query. And remains unresponsive until you restart the Trinnov; which as I’ve noted above seems like a good question to bounce off Trinnov support as well.

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Hello @Montgomery_Campbell,

Oh no! Let’s get this fixed for you so you can get back to using Roon with your Amethyst!

I’m going to enable diagnostic logging on your account so that our tech team can take a further look into what’s going on here. Please leave Roon open on your computer, so that the next time your Roon Core requests an update check from the Roon Servers the diagnostics will be enabled.

Is the email your account is registered under the best contact email for you? If the logs don’t present us with a culprit, I may reach out to the Trinnov team for further assistance.


Yes my email account is good.
Roon is currently running and the Amethyst is switched on …

Now I am sometimes getting the error message (from trying to play a track in my Study … a sonos zone):
Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device.

This is a tale of woe …