Cannot play Amethyst zone [Resolved]

Are you doing any Zone grouping?

Zero …none, NIL.

Is that Zone on wifi? If so can you connect on LAN? What bit rate are you playing to that endpoint?

It is a sonos zone. Playing TIDAL FLAC 44.1 kHz Bit rate 16 bit 2 channel.

LAN or Wifi…?

Over my LAN.

Dear Support … are you out there?

Hello @Montgomery_Campbell,

I have the tech team looking over the logs from your Roon Core, they’re not seeing anything that would indicate an issue with your Roon setup. I’m going reach out to Trinnov with this information. Could you please send me a PM with the serial number of your unit to help expedite things?


My serial number is (removed by moderator and sent to John).

Hello @Montgomery_Campbell,

Thanks! Either the Roon team or Trinnov may reach out to you next by email or in this thread, so keep an eye out.


Thanks John … are in the US?

Now to get Roon Remote for a new iPad !!!

Thanks to the help provided by the Roon Labs team and those on here who were giving it their attention.

What was the solution?

I re-did the setup of the Amethyst input instructions … and magically it all works now so not exactly sure. I am glad I did otherwise there may have been a lot of futile finger pointing …

Is it true that my 2013 iPad (that cannot get iOS 11 update) cannot run Roon Remote?

A 2013 Air or Mini 2 would be in spec, but not an earlier model.

Ok … so a new iPad for me to get Roon Remote.
This is the price of progress …

I got a second hand Mini 3 which I’m very happy with.

Go ahead, get a new large iPad. It will only hurt for a little while.:wink: The larger ipad is great for roaming through your music.

Glad your Amethyst got set up. How’s the sound?