Cannot play files higher than 96 khz on Hugo 2

Hi there! I don´t care about upsampling but I always have to downsample files higher than 96 khz on my Hugo 2.
If I don´t the music starts to make noise and plays slowly, this never happened using my DAPs.
My system in windowns 10, Intel Core i5-8265U 1.6ghz with turbo boost up to 3.9Ghz
Thanks for your support

How is the PC connected to the Hugo?


Hi @Maurilio_Pacheco_da,

Can you let us know how the Hugo 2 is connected to your Core? Do you have the newest Chord drivers installed on your PC? Is the behavior the same for the ASIO and WASAPI driver?

Thanks for the reply! It is connected via usb.
What do mean by latest Chord drivers? I installed ASIO, but same thing happens with WASAPI… What I find odd is that it happens on upsampling but also on native 192khz files and above but usually I can play them on Hugo2 without any problem…

Hello @Maurilio_Pacheco_da,

I mean the Chord drivers on their website (right-hand downloads bar -> Windows 10 drivers). Are you using the newest one?

Some other thoughts here:

  • Have you tried a different USB cable? I have seen my fair share of USB cables with issues, so I would not rule this out

  • Does this occur for both local and streaming content or just one and not the other?

  • Where is your media stored? If you are using a NAS for media storage it might be taking a long time to retrieve and process the file depending on your network setup. Does the same issue occur if you save a few of the high-res files on the local hard disk?

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