Cannot play New England Classical Christmas station

I manually added this station, but Roon is unable to play it. The error say, “Unable to play this station. Its address may have changed, or it may be temporarily unavailable.”

The URL is:,aac

Hello @Alex_Sidey , the problem is because that URL has a redirection to a particular stream format that Roon currently has a problem with.

Never mind, I’ve found an alternative stream and have added Maine Public Classical Holiday Stream for you.

Thank you very much, Brian. I apologize, but when I play the Maine Public Radio station(s) you added, I see the same error. The only difference being that the error appears rapidly whereas with New England Classical it thinks for a couple of seconds before showing the error message. I am satisfied with and thankful for your explanation that a redirect is providing a stream that is incompatible with Roon. Maybe by next Christmas New England Classical will offer a compatible stream or Roon will be capable of playing that currently incompatible format. —Alex

Strange. When I play the station I have no problems. (I tried all three Maine public stations)
Just to be clear - you are now playing the database version, and not your manually added one?

And please don’t be ‘satisfied’ - you should be able to listen to these. Can you tell me more about your setup? Have you been able to listen to the radio without problems before?

EDIT I’ve found an aac stream for you too. I’ve also adjusted the URLs for Maine classical so that may start slightly quicker.

EDIT2 - while I was at it, I added Maine Public Radio - In Tune as well.

Hi, Brian. Thanks again for your efforts. My set up is a Mac mini (2018) running Roon build 880 and playing via Airplay to a Sonica Wi-Fi speaker or via core to the Mac mini speakers. I do listen to to a lot of radio via Roon. Currently I’ve listened to a station manually added: King FM Classical Christmas.,aac.
I’ve also listened to stations that were in the database such as Concertzender series.
I retried the Maine stations you added (finding them in locations > U.S. > Maine) with the same error message.
Note: The station that I am looking for is New England Classical Christmas, not the Maine Public Radio series. I was eager to try the Maine Public series because Classical Christmas programming varies a lot and New England Classical had a mix that satisfied my tastes better than King FM.

It’s the same stream. From the website

New England Classical Christmas/Maine Public Classical Holiday has returned for the 2021 Holiday Season!

And from the audio server that the Tunein url directs to

< Server: MediaGateway 5.6.2-0391.el6

Anyway, I can’t see any reason why you can’t play the stations.
Silly question - have you rebooted everything?
Are you in the US?

Here’s one of the basic streams (that the https redirect url points to):

Can you add that to your my live radio and see if it works?

Just so you have something, I’ve added KING-FM Classical Christmas for you.

Thank you, Brian, for working with me. Your dialogue prompted me to reexamine my Norton VPN setting: I switched off Norton VPN and the station plays beautifully as do the 3 other Main public radio stations you added. I really encourage others to tune into this classical Christmas music station. It has a bit more oomph than many others. Very uplifting. [Solved.]

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Excellent news. Enjoy your holidays.

Thanks for adding King FM Classical Christmas to the database…I removed my manually added station from my live radio and added yours.

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