Cannot play Qobuz tracks above 16/44.1

I never had this problem before. Suddenly I cannot complete Qobuz tracks when playing albums at 24/96. About 10-30 seconds in I get the message “Qobuz Media is loading slowly. This may indicate a networking or connectivity problem.” Roon then skips to the next track on the album, and the same problem occurs over and over again until the album is finished. This happens no matter which endpoint I’m using.

I believe this message reflects a problem within Roon. I have no problem streaming at 24/96 the very same albums to the very same endpoints using the Qobuz desktop app for Windows.

The problem is fixed if I change “Settings > Services > Qobuz > Streaming Quality” to “CD 16-bit / 44.1 kHz”, however I should be able to take advantage of 24/96 streaming from Qobuz using Roon as I did until recently.

After testing I can find no problem on my end with download speed or latency. I have no problem streaming TV channels. Please explain what changed suddenly within Roon and how to fix it.

This is a bizar problem, as normally once a track has started to play, this should be a direct connection from the Qobuz infrastructure to your Roon server/streamer.

Better to address this @support


Unfortunately there is not much correlation to be drawn from successful stream of Qobuz outside of Roon to inside of Roon.
Roon is very bandwidth intensive.

How is your network set up?
Wired or wifi?

If you provide some details we may be able to assist better.

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Hello @Kman_CT,

I am so sorry you’ve ran into this issue, but also thankful you’ve told us about it.

@TheHammer is actually right. Roon + Qobuz (or TIDAL) needs more bandwidth resources than just Qobuz alone. Roon never alters the stream, but tries to play the track and shows the exact signal path. If that’s not possible, Roon will stop the playback, which seems to be happening. Roon relies heavily on local network stability.

Have you seen our guide below?

I disagree somewhat with the statements above. Streaming Qobuz through Chromecast to the same devices shows that it’s not a wifi issue: I assume it’s close to the same PCM bandwidth over wifi. Plus I had no trouble streaming hi-res music to other laptops or video to multiple devices simultaneously.

My Core is on a Windows laptop with plenty of horsepower (Intel I7, 16 gig memory, 1 t SSD) and an ethernet connection to the router.

Just as suddenly, I am no longer having any problem streaming 24/96 with Roon. I think it’s possible that rebooting after a Windows update might have fixed the issue. Prior to that I had no evidence of any network issue with other applications, so I think somehow the Windows reboot cleared something specific to Roon.

Any explanations for that?

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Hey @Kman_CT,

I appreciate you sharing your point of view and the details that support it. The way things unfolded prove that it wasn’t your Core power or bandwidth.

What we’ve noticed, but doesn’t necessarily seem to apply in this case, is that Windows’ automatic updates are unreliable when it comes to graphic drivers (that Roon relies on). I’m happy a reboot cleared anything that must have been in the way :nerd_face:

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