Cannot re-install on QNAP

This morning I had problem with the loading album art, after trying various suggestion after google, I decided to reinstall ROON on my QNAP.

The problem when I try to reinstall it, it keep give me the error msg " Cannot download from Roonlab, check the internet connection" . I check the all the internet collection and confirm everything works ok and able to install other apps. Also from my other QNAP NAS i was able to download and install Roon without any issue.

So I guess there could be something wrong with the remove Roon app from my previous installation. Can you please help ?

@crieke Chris might be the best one to assist here.

After few restart, I was able to install Roon again (yeah) and now the album art comes back everything working as it should be… happy day !

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I have had this issue as well some weeks ago. I then noticed in the systems log that removing Roon actually took quite a long time, several minutes at least. I just tried to re-install it too quickly.

When I waited a bit longer to finish the process, it re-installed without any problems.

Maybe this can be of help for others who bump into the same issue in the future.