Cannot reach metadata server (red badge error)

Roon Core Machine

Running Roon Server 918
2021 M1 24” iMac 16 Gb RAM
Mac OSX Monterey

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS GT-AX11000 router
2.5 ghz Ethernet connection
Cloudflare IPV4 and IPV6 DNS

Connected Audio Devices

Connected via Ethernet to iFi-Audio Zen Stream running Roon Bridge 918 to Topping d90SE

Number of Tracks in Library

5600+ local files, connected to Tidal and Qobuz

Description of Issue

Library updates were working fine yesterday, Today had difficulty connecting to Tidal, would not authorize, resolved after full network restart.

After rebooting Mac and downloading fresh copy of Roon Server 918 (yesterday had been running Server updated to 918 within Roon App), noted red (!) warning tag. Clicking on it opened pop up window that showed that “adding files to library” successfully completed, but “metadata improver” paused due to Roon having trouble verifying connection to your servers. Tried logging out of Roon and logging back in, no resolution. Again, was working just fine yesterday. Having no other network issues and multicast is turned on in my router GUI.

When I saw this, restarting (rebooting) my Roon Core resolved it.



Check out this page from the Roon’s Help site …

Hope it helps you to resolve this issue.

The issue eventually resolved after I rebooted my network. Will follow up if I notice the behavior again, thank you!

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