Cannot remove a Windows 10 computer as endpoint [Solved: Reboot modem, router and Roon devices]

I’ve searched everything in the community about removing endpoints from Roon. Every response says you can’t but shouldn’t need to since an endpoint won’t display if it’s not connected.

Yeah, right. I have a Windows 10 computer (“WinEndPt”) that was running full Roon perfectly until today. I use “WinEndPt” as a remote and endpoint, not a core. It’s connected via USB to my integrated amplifier. All of a sudden if I try to play through the USB a track will try to start, but then fail. If I go to Settings > Audio > “WinEndPt” > USB WASAPI and try to configure Roon will suddenly crash and close.

The USB audio connection works perfectly with other applications. So I uninstalled Roon. When I go to my audio settings on a different computer it still shows “WinEndPt”. I want to get rid of the old configuration before trying to reinstall Roon on “WinEndPt”. What do I do?

Roon really needs a way to blow away endpoint configurations for when everything goes awry with a device.

Here is what shows for the device. It is stuck endlessly on “Enabling…”. Previously this USB endpoint had been named. When I try to enter a name or configure the device Roon instantly crashes and closes. I think it’s possible that this endpoint started showing devices attached to the Core. How do I blow away this endpoint and start over.


Solved. I had to reboot my modem, router and Roon connected devices. It appears that the Core’s endpoint configuration merged with the computer being used only as a remote and endpoint, possibly due to IP address confusion.

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