Cannot remove the “Music” watch folder on MacOS

Hi #support,

I’ve just setup RoonServer 1.7 on my brand new Mac Mini i7 running MacOS 11.1 and went through the initial core setup leaving everything to their defaults.

I want to remove the default “Music” folder from the storage watch folders, and it seems there is no remove option, only a disable option. Basically I’ve setup a dedicated “Roon Labs” (no admin) user that is auto logged in when the Mac is powered on or running “unused”. Then there are other users (including admins) sharing their music through their “Public/Music” folder, as such, the Roon Server is able to grab their music. So, I don’t want the default “Music” folder to be there for the “Roon Labs” user.


  1. Is it due to the fact that I kept everything default during the core setup, that now I’m stuck with the default “Music” folder? If I would restart from scratch, setting up again the Roon Core server, would I be able to not have this “Music” folder, if I would immediately provide the correct user music folders to the wizard? Is it worthwhile trying to start from scratch?
  2. Is there any other way to get the default “Music” folder completely gone from the storage list, without having to select “Disable”?
  3. Is this a bug or a feature?

Just wanting to have a clean start…

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Hi @Ignace,

By default the Music folder will show up here. You can’t remove it but using Disable should do the trick for you.

What are you trying to accomplish with the fresh start? Depending on what you’re trying to achieve you might be able to accomplish it without starting fresh.

Hi @dylan,

With the fresh start I was hoping to not have this “Music” folder anymore in the list. Thinking that it was some left over from the fact that I didn’t specify from the beginning (when running the new core wizard) my “custom” music location? So, you say that it’s impossible to get rid of this “Music” folder, even when starting from scratch? It’s because, I find it disturbing that this one is always showing up there…

As being a software developer myself, I would have expected that any location could be removed/added by the user…


Kind regards,

Hi @dylan,

Apart from the above confirmation I would like to get, I was wondering if my install procedure was correct, since I’m quite new to Mac OS?

  1. Install Roon Server when logged in as the dedicated “Roon Labs” user, which is NOT an administrator.
  2. To be able to let go the installation, I then provided the user name of an administrator (myself) plus the password.
  3. Seems that the Roon Server is installed now under the system wide Applications?
  4. Started Roon Server on the dedicated “Roon Labs” user, not being the admin.
  5. Seems that there is a Roon library under ~/Library for that user?

Was this the right procedure, or was it better to install the software under the admin account itself?


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