Cannot Restore Metadata

I have a 4-disc set (CD rip) that appeared in Roon correctly when originally imported using my tags, it showed as a 4-disc set with the correct track listings. Roon indicated that that album was unidentified so I tried to help identity it correctly, unfortunately the metadata that appears in Roon is totally messed up now. Roon is showing the album as a 2-disc set but only showing discs 1 & 3! I have tried twice to edit the track data but Roon will not save the corrected data. How do I revert back to my original metadata that was there upon first import? Is there a way to clear all of the Roon-edited metadata so I can start again? I fear that there may be other albums that have been messed up.

  1. Open the album in album browser.
  2. Click on the triple dots icon right to the album picture and choose edit from the drop down.
  3. Now the Album Editor opens. Chose the first button labeled Identify Album (the blue one).
  4. Click on the blue button labeled None of these look right at the right-side bottom.
  5. Click on the blue button labeled None of these look right at the right-side bottom.
  6. Click on the blue button labeled Use Basic File Information.
  7. The Album Editor should now close and on the right side of the album cover should be a blue text label reading Unidentified.

@BlackJack Thank you for your response. Unfortunately this is what I had already tried, the album now shows as unidentified but the metadata still corrupted with tracks all out of order and indicating a 2-disc set of Discs 1 & 3.

Another nuclear option is:

  1. Make a local copy of the album folder on, say, the desktop.
  2. Delete, within Roon, the subject album (Album/Edit/Delete Album)
  3. Go to Settings/Library/Clean Up and instruct it to remove all remnants of the subject album.
  4. Drag the local copy back into the Roon Watch Folder from whence it was removeth.

Do these in order, particularly the first one about making a backup. Good luck. :slight_smile:

  1. Then the quickest solution is maybe to move the folder for that album temporarily out of Roon’s watched folder.
  2. Then got to Settings|Storage and use triple dots on the right-side of the storage location (the watched folder) the album was stored in to do a Force Rescan.
  3. Now navigate to Settings|Library and click on Clean Up Library.
  4. Check the first option and hit the blue button Clean Up Library.
  5. Now you can move the album folder back into the watched folder.

Thanks for your help everyone. I guess the real problem was that I misunderstood how Roon uses edits to metadata, I thought that I was helping things. At any rate, I decided to delete my database and do a fresh import, no more editing in Roon. I don’t understand why I could not reverse the edits for that one 4-disc set, I did everything that was supposed to reset the data to its original state but nothing worked. Moving on, lesson learned.