Cannot search for "The B-52's" on iPad

The search for “The B-52’s” does not find anything when using the Roon iPad app.
It works when I use the Roon application on macOS.

I can’t repeat this; results as expected. Can you confirm that you have the latest version installed on iOS and that this problem is repeatable. A screenshot would be useful.

Hi @Martin_Webster,

As Martin suggested, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing here when you perform this search?

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What about the top of the display? Genres and Labels follow the main results.

No, there is not more on the result page. I cannot move up or down from there.

What if you remove the ’ in the search, i.e. B-52s.
It makes a difference in album identification:

Yes, indeed. That works. It finds the band ‘The B-52s’. I just saw that since 2008 they
removed the apostrophe from their name.

But still, ‘The B-52’s’ should find the album. And that is what happens on the macOS version.
But I can live with that.

Ok, Thanks everyone.

Here’s what I get by artist search…The B-52s, and alphabetically listed with the letter B, not letter T (for the).

If you tap edit on the three dot menu to the right of the album, you should be able to select it. I think mine loaded automatically. It’s a streaming selection from Qobuz.

Jan, the answer (at least for me) is in the other thread you pulled the quote from: remove the apostrophe, then the search will find it. In other words, search on “The B-52s”, not “The B-52’s”. You would think Roon would be smart enough to ignore the apostrophe, but it’s not.

That shouldn’t matter. Even typing something like “the d-32’s” will yield results starting Top Result then Artists etc.

Either “the b-52s” or “the b-52’s” should give you results.

Can you please confirm if the problem is repeatable. You also say that you couldn’t scroll yet the Labels section is partially hidden by the footer. The way the results are presented is wrong.

I can confirm that the problem is repeatable.

And to be precise I was able to move the result page by 1cm so that the labels section
was no longer hidden by the footer. But the result was only this, the genres section
and the labels section.

The B-52’s finds the artist as first result on my iPad.

I had no trouble searching “The B-52’s” or “The B-52s” on my iPad mini2.

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