Cannot search on Android

When trying to search on Galaxy S8+ w all current Android updates, keyboard flashes up and then instantly disappears. So one cannot search in Roon 1.5 at all on the phone. Is there a workaround or fix? Thx!

This might help:

Hey @George_Dadisman,

I just wanted to check and confirm that, as @Jan_Koudijs suggested, disabling Full Screen mode worked for you. Let me know if you have any questions!


@dylan, I still consider this a workaround.

Is the team looking into this?

It shouldn’t be too hard to reproduce on non Samsung devices. The navigation bar can be hidden by following these instructions:

A fix for this would be very nice since the extra real estate that it gives can make quite a difference in the number of albums that are displayed.

Thanks for the feedback, @Jan_Koudijs! It is always appreciated.

While I cannot give any guarantees that this will be addressed, or when a change would be made, I can assure you that there is currently a ticket in our internal tracker for this that is being investigated by our technical team. I’ll be sure to keep this thread updated as the technical team moves forward with their investigation.


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