Cannot see my Bluesound and Sonos devices

Core Machine
Mac Book Pro Catalina 10.15.6

Bluesound and Sonos devices.

I just installed a new core on a new MacBook so I need to get it set up
It is only seeing my old MacBook and the new MacBook on the network as audio devices. the other devices are visible to the old core on another MacBook if I switch back


Are all of the devices on the same network sub-net?

You didn’t by any chance do a migration or time machine restore to the new MacBook did you! This is not the way to install roon and move an existing core to a new machine.

Yes…they are seen fine by my old macbook

Yes you did a migration/time machine restore?..if so this is likely to be the issue

i did not I just installed a new version of roon

all the devices are on the same network and are seen by my old macbook pro

am i supposed to run a migration…i am not seeing playlists now either but my library has move over when I pointed it at my NAS storage

So you reimported as a new database, you will need to add all your endpoints again and also none of your library playlists will be there unless you back up your old roon database and restore it to the new mac

how do you add the endpoints for audio players

mackbook pro cataline 10.15.6

I have anew compute so I installed roon on my new macbook.I pointed at my nas device and got my library…but I cannot see any of the bluesound devices or sonos audio devices. If i switch back the core to old machine they are there…
Is there a person i can talk to that can help here
not to valuable if I cant hear my music

Roon support is conducted via this forum. There is no phone support.

You need to switch cores so the new machine takes over.

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Double posting won’t get you there. We are trying to help you here already. There are no phone calls for roon support

I understqnd,can you please let me know how to reset or find the endpoints…they are on the same network as before

Go into Settings and then go to Audio. This is where you enable devices.

thanks John
I have done that but the devices do not show up to be enabled…yet they show up when I use my older macbook pro

Hi @David_Lemont,

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio? Does anything show up there at all?

If you go to Apple Menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then click Firewall, is the firewall enabled? If you disable temporarily is there any change?

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