Cannot see my Unitiserve in Roon

Having used the free trial for Roon I have been impressed with the software. However I have not continued as I cannot seem to get Roon to see my Naim Unitiserve at all . Roon detects my music on my iMac and I have added Tidal as well. However my quality rips are on my Unitiserve and it seems I cannot play them through Roon. Any ideas? I have been offered an extension to the trial, but cannot see the point unless I manage to resolve this issue

Hello @Ian_Peach,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue, I’d be happy to help here. You would need to add the Naim Unitiserve as a Watched Network Folder. You can use the instructions listed in our Add Folders By Path Article to facilitate this connection.

This type of connection is typically done as smb://IP_ADDRESS_OF_NAIM/SHARE_NAME. More information on how to add NAS devices can also be found in our NAS Guide. Please let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions!


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