Cannot See Playlists On iPad

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
MacMini Mac (2018) OS 11.2.1 Roon Build 764
Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Apple Time Capsule WIFI/Ethernet
Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
McIntosh MA 5300, ethernet connection from Time Capsule to MacMini, USB connection from mini to McIntosh.

Hello, When using my iPad with iPad OS 14.4, I cannot see my playlists even when using my own profile. The only playlist I can see is one that was created from a profile that has since been deleted.


I was wondering how long it normally takes to get a response the people at Roon. In the past when I’ve had a support question they’ve been right on it. I know they have alot going on and I don’t want to slip through the cracks. Thanks.

I can only suggest to check a few things while you wait for support (obviously that old playlist shouldn’t be visible).

On the ‘My Playlist’ screen, have you tried changing this setting?

Also, I’m assuming that the setting to display playlists is enabled on your iPad:

Finally, it would likely help support if you could provide a screenshot of one of the albums that show track(s) with the deleted playlist.

Does the deleted Playlist show up in the main ‘My Playlists’ screen?

Thanks for the reply, I’m not trying to be a nuisance, but I didn’t where I stood in line, or if I was in line. I double checked my settings vs. the settings you showed me on your screen shot. After making the recommended adjustments, I noticed that the deleted playlist now shows up on the main 'May Playlist’s screen. I was going to provide a screenshot of one of the albums that show the tracks with the deleted playlist, as you recommended, but none of the albums on the playlists show that the tracks on the playlist. Thanks again for trying to help me figure this out.


You’re not being a nuisance, as I understand it Roon support are trying to get to people as quickly as possible, but they have been very busy since 1.8 was released.

Just to clarify, can you now delete the previously deleted playlist properly now (if you need and wish to), and do newly created playlists remain?

I do get they’re very busy…So I was able to delete the previously deleted playlist. The iPad no longer shows the playlist, but shows the previously deleted account and states, “has no playlists, please create one.”

Hello, I first posted this support request on March 8th. I understand it may not be a high priority, but I do utilize my playlists quite a bit. I don’t know if this is on any Roon’s staff radar, there’s no way to know if these requests are logged in a que, or what priority it may be given. So I’m resubmitting this request.

Thanks, Andy

Hello, about a week ago I put in a request for support. When using my iPad as a remote, I cannot see my playlists. I can only see the one playlist that was created from a deleted user profile. Thanks.

Hey @Andy211,

Thank you so much for following up on your request and for not giving up on us - I want to apologize that it took us this long to get back to you. I wish things were different :pleading_face:

(We’re working actively on getting back to normal response times)

I’ve read through the threads regarding this issue and I failed to see if this was tried before. If you haven’t, could you please:

  • uninstall the Roon Remote app
  • restart the iPad
  • reinstall the Roon Remote app

Thanks in advance :pray:

So easy, it worked!! :slight_smile: Thank you Rebeka!! I wasn’t giving up, I know there’s alot of requests for help, I just thought a reminder now and then may help.

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