Cannot see Qutest on Gigabyte NUC

I have a Chord Qutest and a Gigabyte NUC (BXBT-1900) but ROCK cannot see the Qutest. I have tried with a cheap DAC and it can see that, but cannot see a Qutest or Mojo, almost as if it is missing drivers for Chord devices. It works fine on Ubuntu with Roon Bridge, on the same NUC. Is there a way to fix this?


Hello @zatcham,

Are you running the ROCK instance as a Roon Core, or just as a Roon client to another Roon Core on the network? If you were running as a Roon Core, was this a fresh installation or were you restoring from a backup? Are you able to see the other outputs on the device such as HDMI or analog outputs?


Hi @john,

I was running Core on my iMac where it played fine to Qutest on Ubuntu. It was a fresh installation, and I could see analog / HDMI outputs.