Cannot Set Up New Roon Core on Windows (ref#G3GQPS)

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Description of Issue

can’t set up a new roon core

Roon Core Platform


Roon Core Specifications

windows10 i5/16GB ram

Connected Audio Devices

active stereo spk from audio output

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Hi @Narong_Tangjaipatana,

Can you describe in detail what machine you are attempting to install Roon on to and at what point does the installation fail.

What error messages or symptoms are you seeing?

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Hi @Narong_Tangjaipatana,

Our servers receive routine diagnostic reports from your Roon account, and these most recently seem to be coming from a Windows RoonServer install.

Are we correct in assuming you’ve resolved this issue? If not, we’re here to assist. Please see our moderator’s questions above for a starting place, as we’ll need some more information.

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