Cannot sign in ReCaptcha error, QNAP Core, iPad remote

Roon Server Machine

QNAP TS 464 FW 5.1.4 8MB. SSD for Roon Server.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero pro 6 router no switch, QNAP NAS connected via Ethernet.

Connected Audio Devices

iPad via WiFi, Sonos arc WiFi.

Number of Tracks in Library

approx 30K.

Description of Issue

Roon remote cannot login, either ReCaptcha error or selecting ‘sign-in’ does nothing, was working fine previously but NAS has been unplugged for about 4 weeks. Core is installed on separate SSD on QNAP Version : 2.0 (build 1357) productionQPKG-Version : 2023-03-07. I have removed and re-installed it. iPad app is current version from App Store, 2.0.01357, also deleted and re-installed. Have rebooted router and NAS.

Hello @Simon_Gillingham ,

Are you still seeing this issue at the present time? Looking over your account, I see the QNAP currently set as your active Roon Server. If you were able to resolve the issue, please let us know how you solved it, in case others have the same issue, thanks!

Hello @noris
Next morning the issue had resolved itself strangely. Account logged in. I was able to restore my settings from backup and all seems well. Thanks for following up. I had done the following the day before, rebooted router, re-installed both Roon server on QNAP and iPad, iPhone apps, restarted iOS devices.

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