Cannot sign into Roon, no ability to subscribe

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I tried to create an account but keep getting sent to the sign-in page when trying to sign-in. Username and password are correct as when I tried an incorrect username or password then I see an error message.

Running Windows 10

I cleared my browser cache and tried Chrome and Edge.

Aside, when on the Roon Home page, there is no clickable option to sign-up for a subscription. I see the two options but there are no active click points. I can only click on a free trial (which I would prefer, especially since I can’t get past this rudimentary stage) but then can’t get past the login screen.

This is completely frustrating - I have never encountered issues like this on any application

It has been so long since I created my account, but, I think I created my account first on the Roon site. And then used those credentials to log in to application. You should be able to create an account with the link below.

Hi @James_Weimer,

Were you eventually able to get signed in?

Please let me know if you need help!


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