Cannot Split Merged Albums

Tried Edit Track Group and renumbered disc to 1. It still keeps all of the tracks in one album.

I’ve deleted the albums from the watched folder, used clean-up library function and added them back to individual folders and they automatically merge again.

Even tried adding a new folder name “Disc XXX” and they merge.

What else should I try?

It is unclear (to me) what you want to achieve or what your starting point is. Perhaps some more detail, mebbe a picture of your screen.

I’ve seen Roon grab and combine tracks located in multiple folders before, then display them as one album. Thing is, unlike iTunes, Roon doesn’t necessarily pay attention to folders. Or more accurately, it’s not folder-centric. It’s album-centric.

I figured it out. Using the delete album from Roon instead of just deleting it on the drive fixed it. Must be some residual data that retains the merge function otherwise.

I wanted to separate an album that had been merged (by me) into two sets of two cd’s.