Cannot stream 44.1/48kHz tracks to NAD M50.2 -- HiRes works

Core Machine

Mac Mini M1 8Gb RAM, macOS Big Sur (fully updated)

Network Details

Core and Endpoint connected via GbE to a NetGear NightHawk S8000 switch

Audio Devices

NAD M50.2 via HDMI to Lexicon MC-10 surround processor.
The NAD runs BluOS 3.14.10. The HDMI cable is 48Gbps certified, only 2ft long.

Library Size

~3500 tracks locally and Qobuz subscription.

Description of Issue

When trying to stream music to the NAD M50.2 via Roon, no material with sampling rates of 44.1 or 48 kHz will play (whether local or from Qobuz, whether 16 or 24 bit). 24-bit material at 96, 176.4, and 192 kHz seems to work fine. DSD converted in Roon to PCM also works fine. No DSP is being employed in our Roon setup at this time.

When attempting to play standard resolution music, Roon will indicate that playback has started with the moving bars icon, but the clock will not run. The artwork and track information are displayed on the NAD M50.2, but no sound is produced. After a few seconds…maybe 20 or so, the track will be skipped without an error message.

If playing the same tracks from Qobuz to the NAD M50.2 over the Bluesound app, there is no problem.

We have reached out to NAD for support, who have indicated that we need to contact Roon.

Hey @Neil_Patel,

Thanks so much for letting us know about this and sharing all the information we’ve asked for. This thread too is now in our technical team’s queue.

They will be able to share more insight into what might be happening here and suggest next steps.

Thanks, I’ll hope to hear back from them soon!

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