Cannot stream particular album in Roon from Qobuz [Solved]

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini (2018)

  • MacOS 12.4
  • 3.6 GHz Quad Core i3
  • 8 GB 2667 MHz RAM
  • Roon 1.8 (Build 1021)

iPhone App 1.8.00988
iPad App 1.8.01021

iPhone output
RoPieeeXL 2022.06.4 (0459)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero Home Mesh Router

  • Core connected using ethernet wire
  • RoPieeeXL connected using Wi-Fi

Connected Audio Devices

  • iPhone built-in output
  • Holo Audio May
  • Chord Hugo M Scaler / Hugo TT 2

Description of Issue

I am unable to stream one particular album: The Absence by Melody Gardot (Open Qobuz). Streaming fails on all the listed endpoints, but works if I use the Qobuz app on my iPhone or laptop. All other albums I have streamed had no issue.

I already reached out to Qobuz support and they suggested I contact Roon’s support as well.

Do you only see one version under the versions tab?

There are two listing under the versions tab: one is 44.1/16 and the other is 96/24.

The 96/24 is in “my library” and is the version that was getting playback errors. I tried the 44.1/16 version and it plays successfully.

Looking in the Qobuz app shows only the 44.1/16 version, so I guess the 96/24 version is no longer available from Qobuz. Bummer, but glad to know what was causing the error :+1:

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I can play it here in UK maybe search and add it again

I only see the 44.1/16 version here (Roon and Qobuz app) in the US. I guess it’s a regional licensing issue.

I see 2 96/24 versions

In the US, I see this…

Weird….also in the US and this is all I see (notice the lack of Versions)

I see two 96/24 versions (Europe) I think Qobuz messed up. Don’t know how to contact them.

The Qobuz 24/96 won’t play.

They do both albums.

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