Cannot transfer files from Apple Time Capsule to Roon Nucleus - Get "Modifying Nucleus Requires Administrator name and password" message

Roon Core Machine

Brand new Nucleus purchased directly from Roon with 4TB internal storage already loaded

Networking Gear & Setup Details

MacBook Pro and Nucleus are directly connected to Apple Time Capsule via ethernet cables. Time capsule connected via ethernet to wifi router and modem

Connected Audio Devices

No audio devices are connected at this time as the first step is to get music files loaded onto nucleus. Once files are loaded I will be connecting the Nucleus to a Benchmark DAC3

Number of Tracks in Library

Thousands - but as a “pilot” I tried to move one song file and was unsuccessful

Description of Issue

I am new to “Roon”. To keep it simple my desire is to load my music library (presently ALAC files residing on my old Apple Time Capsule) onto the Nucleus. I will then cease to use the Time Capsule as it is old etc.

I have connected the Nucleus directly to the time capsule and for simplicity I also connected our MacBook Pro directly to the Time Capsule. Using Finder I can see both the files in the Time Capsule and the “data” folder in the Nucleus. I try to “drag and drop” a song file to the Nucleus and I get an error message that says “Modifying ‘Nucleus’ requires an administrator name and password”. It then advises that I click “authenticate” but I don’t see that option anywhere (might be staring me in the face but I don’t see it).

I have confirmed through the Roon web administrator menu that the software is up to date, running, that the internal storage is OK etc. I am connected to the nucleus as a “guest”.

You don’t copy to the Data folder in the Nucleus. Open it, and you’ll see a Storage folder. Open that, and you’ll see an InternalStorage folder. That’s your 4TB internal storage folder. Copy your files to this folder.

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Thanks - looks like that did it. I suspected it was something obvious that I was missing. Much appreciate the fast response.


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