Cannot update android ARC client

I have early access.

Server has been updated (twice) today. so everythings working overthere.
Google play tells me there’s an update for the arc client…
it downloads, but during install it fails…

google tells me to uninstall arc & reinstall…

but frankly… Don’t like it (anymore)… I’m afraid the 2nd dose of troubles…

any suggestions…??

I emphasize where you are coming from. I’m lucky and have had little to no trouble at all.

I can only suggest deleting the app, reinstall it and report back here.

Did you previously have an APK install? Occasionally it was necessary to uninstall before switching between APK and Play Store installs.

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nope… always through play store

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Hm, dunno, a bit weird. I got the Play Store updates earlier today and no issues. (and never ever had any). I’d just uninstall, there is nothing to lose by uninstalling a remote or ARC except a few device-specific settings (and downloads though, in case of ARC) that you can easily recreate.

In any case, staying on an old install that refuses to update is not really an option anyway.

From how you have described this, it sounds more like a problem with Google’s systems than with ours. We don’t have any control over the install process for Android apps installed via the Play store.