Cannot Update Primary Artist Links

(Kevin Kropp) #1

I recently copied over my files update some of the metadata and have run into an issue with a certain group of albums by the Juliana Hatfield Three.

The first issue is that some of the albums are listed as THE Juliana Hatfield Three while other are recognizing Juliana Hatfield Three (without the The) as the artist. I thought i would be able to fix this throught he merge or primary artist links but any changes to those are not sticking.

Here is how the artist page appears:

When i go into one of the albums and add a link for a new primary artist and uncheck the ones from Roon my changes are not being stored/saved. It is also happening when I click on the left two artists above and try to merge. Before i recopied my files everything was fine.

Below is an attempt to add the new primary artist. No matter what i do the Roon version will not go away. I’ve had to resort to unidentifying the album just so I can get it in the right folder.

Here is the metadata that clearly shows THE but when identified it some how is missing and does not appear under the artist.

(Kevin Kropp) #4

Hi. I saw that this was moved to Metadata issues. While there certainly is an issue with that (having two entries for the band) it isn’t the only issue. The major problem i am experiencing is not being able to edit the primary artist links for these albums. In my second picture above when i uncheck the Roon links and check my link and click save those changes are not saved. The Roon link for the band will always show.

I was able to work around this by unchecking the JULIANA HATFIELD THREE Roon link, clicking just the Roon link for her and saving. Then i would go back and uncheck her solo link and then click the custom link i added and saved. Im pretty sure that this is not the intended process.

(Chris ) #5

Can you merge the artist?

(Kevin Kropp) #6

I cannot. I can select both click on the merge and choose one but nothing sticks and both remain.

(Mike) #8

How many albums are involved here? I have some ideas about what might be happening, but the easiest way for us to understand the problem might be for us to just get a look at the files.

If it’s just 3-4 albums, maybe you can zip them up and PM me a Dropbox link? Or I can give you a way to upload a zip file to us, if it’s less than 2gb.

If that’s not feasible, let me know and we’ll proceed in another way. Thanks!

(Kevin Kropp) #9

Sent you a link to the files. There are 2 albums and 3 EPs involved.

Thanks for looking into it.