Cannot update; 'Software Update Needed' [Resolved]


I updated my main Roon Core PC to 1.3 several days ago. Now when I start Roon on my 2nd PC (which still has vs 1.2), it reports '‘Software Update Needed’, showing that 1.2 is still on it and showing the Core at vs. 1.3, and then shows ‘Check for an Update’ area to click on the screen. When I click on this ‘area’, there is no response. I cannot update this 2nd PC in order to use Roon on it again.

Is there a way to ‘force’ it to update to Roon vs. 1.3 in order to be able to use it?


You can download the application directly from Roon’s download page. That should do the trick. Let us know how you do, cheers!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the quick answer. I’ve downloaded and installed vs. 1.3 and all is fine now.

Just didn’t understand why the ‘Check for an Update’ ‘function’ did not work



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