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I have been a Roon user for years and have updated as and when required I just cannot seem to update to Roon 2.0

I am unable to use my streaming service and I will not be updating my Mac so if I am unable to I will have to cancel and go back to Vinyl and CD.

Please help
Geoff Donaldson

@Geoff_Donaldson, what model of the Mac mini do you have for your Core? MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 is a supported operating system for Roon 2.0. What errors are you experiencing and how are you trying to update your Core?

Hi I have a 2012 Mac mini with SSD and I have no idea how to update to Roon 2 I have seemingly updated my iPad tp Roon 2 but have no idea as to updating my Mac. to be honest I am computer illiterate and Roon was set up for me by a friend who has recently passed away and dear God how I miss him

Geoff, Catalina is supported on Late 2012 Mac minis, and it appears as you are running Catalina that your mini may be a late 2012 model. Can you go into the Apple menu at the top of your screen and under “About this Mac” confirm that it shows your mini is a “Late 2012 Model”?

If this is confirmed then we can work on a process to update your Roon Core.

Hi yes my Mac mini is a Late 2012 running Catalina

Here is what I recommend. Create a backup from within Roon of your database under Settings → Backups. The go to the Roon downloads page here:

and download the MacOS version of Roon (not Roon Server). Reinstall this over your previous version and Roon should be updated to Roon 2.0. If this manual installation and updating does not work, please let us know. There may be another option to uninstall and reinstall to get 2.0 working. The backup ensures you have not lost anything today in Roon’s database.

Hi I did explain that I am Computer illiterate What on earth is a backup and how do you do it?

On your Mac Core, go into Roon’s Settings → Backups tab:

Select the second option, “Backup now” by selecting the “Backup” button. Roon will ask you to select a folder in which to store a backup of Roon’s database (this is not your music library, only Roon’s database containing play history and other configurations):

Now choose “Select location…”

And select a folder name and location you can remenber that will hold your Roon database backup. Choose “Select this folder”.

At the next window, select “Start” and Roon will make its backup. There is a percent shown and when it reaches 100% the backup is completed.

After the backup is complete, remember where it is in your folders, but you should not need it. Then download and reinstall per my previous note above.

Before you do the backup, you might want to use Windows File Explorer and create a folder named Backup or something else, just to keep the Roon backup separate from any other files.

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I am sorry to be such an idiot but I know absolutely nothing about computers I use Email and you tube and Roon and that’s it and as I can’t use Roon at the moment and hardly anybody Emails me it hardly gets switched on. Need step by step instructions from the moment I have switched on I have no idea what Roon Core is or where to find if



Unfortunately, I’m thinking you may need to hire someone to come in and help you. This stuff is a little complicated if you’re familiar with computers. Maybe someone here can walk you through it, but that might be too frustrating for you and them both.

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Hey @Geoff_Donaldson,

Ben here with the support team, you have my sincerest apologies for the delay in following up on this thread. We’ve been dealing with much higher-than-expected volumes of threads, and so our time to respond has been longer than usual :-1:

First and foremost, you are most certainly not an idiot! It took me quite a while to understand all things Roon myself, and it takes patience! You’re not alone here. Luckily the community here is insanely helpful as well, and I’m confident we can get things up and running again for you one step at a time :+1:

@Robert_F is correct is saying that it would be best to first make a backup of your Roon account.

  1. On your Mac Mini Core, start it up like you would normally
  2. When you click on Roon to open it, are you able to reach the home page like you normally would?
  3. If yes, then you’ll also be able to access your Roon Settings. I will record a short video to help guide you below:

Let me know if you’re able to do the above. I’ll be on standby for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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