Cant access ARC despite Nucleus being connected and set for remote access

Well, that will certainly stop ARC from working. Try turning OFF UPnP, and setup the port forward manually as I suggested above.

Does this look right?


Aaaaand, ARC STILL cannot connect to the Nucleus. Why has this topic been marked solved?

I think I marked it solved by accident.

Hmm, It looks right, although somehow it is still saying UPNP. Did you turn UPNP off on the router prior to setting up the port forward?

I did not - I just turned it off now. Thanks for the reminder!! Should I delete and redo the rule?

Guess I will have to redo, the router deleted the rule for me

Remember to turn off UPnP on the router first. Then manually setup the route. I seem to remember that Verizon routers can have issues keeping a UPNP port forward rule and that it can disappear.

Here is the thread with all the discussions. The specific post I linked gives some instructions on setting the port forward with a pic. But, remember to turn OFF UPNP first and keep it OFF.

OK, thanks for the advice - I will try that tomorrow - yesterday when I turned off the UPnP and tried to set a static IP I ended up having to factory reset my router.

Gonna do it now, wish me luck

You were right! Turning off the UPnP first fixed the issue. ARC now seems to work when I am out of wifi range of the house. I will test it out tomorrow on a drive. Thank you!!

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I’m glad your issues are resolved!

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