Can't Access Core in Build 194 Linux Core

Went to play some music this morning, got the “waiting for Remote core” message. NBD. Sometimes happens, usually goes away. Tried a different remote, same issue. After the problem did not go away, rebooted server.

Still unable to access the core. After reboot, the core “shows up” as initializing.

Then shows as “ready”.

Click on “connect”, get the animated Roon logo, but nothing beyond that. Back to the “waiting for Remote core” message.

Everything was working fine last evening. Roon is obviously booting on the core, but something is amiss.


Not 100% sure but it could be migrating the db to 1.3 so just have to wait it out if your library is very large then this takes some time

Library is large, but I’ve been running 1.3 since release.

My library is 150k tracks and it took a little while with the core running on a i5-6500 for things to connect in at the initial upgrade time. My library is stored on a Synology NAS, with the core on the i5 on Windows 10 pro.

You haven’t indicated in the last post if you are up and running yet or still having some issues tho.

I was up and running - no issues - yesterday. Today, nothing.

So the best thing when you post an issue is to do a tag for support so it’s gets flagged and someone will pickup on the ticket so to speak…

It’s a s simple as @support and wait for further instructions.

With so much happening on the 1.3 release give the guys a bit of time to wade through things and get back to you.

Posting as much information as you can in this thread will also help them try to assess what’s happening.

See here

Hey @Chris_Sauer – could you zip up the Logs folder from your Core and upload it to Dropbox or similar?

If you drop me a link here, we’ll take a look. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

Here you go. Thanks.

Hi I encountered the exactly the same issue.

As a workaround I fixed it with removing the desktop application (but keeping db/settings)- refresh reinstall.

That worked. On my other windows deskop I have the same issue and will try to do the same this evening


@support @crieke

I am having problems with updating my database when running on a QNAP TS870 Pro with external SSD card.
Prior to update Roon has been running from a network share on an external SSD card connected via USB to the NAS drive which contains the album storage (approx 10,000 albums).

Having backed up the RoonServer and RAAT Server files I upgraded Roon APP to Version 1.3 (build196). My control devices recognise the server but the server has failed to update the database of files.

I have also tried to do a clean install of V1.3 having reformatted the SSD card share.The app now works and is visible on all control devices however, I have lost my playlists.

Can you offer any assistance on how I can retrieve my playlists from my backup once the app has re-synced my library or is there a fix to return to the original database and playlists?

1.3 is looking great with some fantastic new features. Thanks to everyone who has worked on this.

Very good you made a backup!

Is there a more specific error message, when the database backup failed?
What kind of storage folders were set up in your 1.2 database? Just local folders or anything else?

The storage folders on the NAS - Roon points to a folders called Artists on the NAS drive. Standard hierarchy then folder with name of artist, name of album, tracks.

There is no upgrade error message, just a pulsing Roon logo ( all systems re-booted and left for over 24 hours to settle.

I also tried to copy my previous back up to the Roon Server file and this then tried to update again for around 24 hours but I ended up with the Roon flashing logo again.

As soon as I do a clean install everything is fine except for loss of my own data stored, playlists etc. - Thanks

Sounds like the same issue as this one:

Yes, I guess so. It’s now stopped building the database about half way through and has gone back to just displaying the Roon logo. Do you know if previous playlists are stored somewhere accessible?

Hi @musicman ---- Checking in with you here to see if any new progress or observations have been made.

If you are still in this state could you zip up the Logs folder from your Core and upload it to Dropbox or similar?

If you drop me a link here, we’ll take a look. Thanks and sorry for the trouble!


I got the same message today (Salkstream III streamer, Linux based).

Sometimes Roon will connect and work fine, sometimes it won’t connect at all, and sometimes it will connect but have problems pulling up music to play.

I think something is going on with v1.3 on Linux machines.

Hopefully the techs at Roon with get enough info from users to identify and fix these problems…and hopefully soon. :slight_smile:

I think next time I won’t be so quick to update to a new version. :wink:

PS - here’s a thread I have going on the issues I’m having

Core updated to build 200. Problem remains.

My problems also remain with build 200. :frowning:

Hi @Chris_Sauer ---- My sincere apologies for the slow response here. I wanted to check in and see if any new progress or observations have been made here. If you are still in the same state, please drop a flag for support (@support) and one of our team members will be by to collect additional information and logs from you. Many thanks!


Thanks @Eric @support - still having the same issues. Roonserver updated to build 204. It seems to be running fine, but I am unable to access.

I’ve been using my workstation Windows 10 as core in the interim, but I would like to get my dedicated Roonserver restored.

I will try to upload the logs later tonight.