Can't access HD attached to ROCK via smb://ROCK/Data on MacOS [resolved]


I’ve run ROCK without issue for months on an Intel NUC - with a WD MyPassport drive attached for my music.

I add music from my Mac by connecting via SMB - smb://ROCK/ - and mounting the drive on my desktop as Guest user.

Since upgrading to ROCK build 300 I can no longer access the MyPassport drive - it has a large no-entry icon on it and I’m told I don’t have permissions. I’ve tried rebooting and reconnecting - neither help.

Any ideas please? Thanks.

Is it the same issue as this existing thread ExFat drives aren't accessible from ROCK in case of mounting via SMB [Fixed, B156]

Yes, roughly, though I had no issues before the build 300 upgrade.

Connecting via CIFS does enable me to access the drive – but CIFS is ancient and slow.

Please fix the SMB connection.

I connect to my LaCie drives on my NUC running ROCK from my MacBook Pro and have no issues, let’s hope support can get to the bottom of the problem?

We’re looking into this guys – it’s actually related to an SMB change we made in a recent Roon OS update, not build 300.

In any event, we have an idea of the issue and we are investigating. We’ll let you guys know as soon as we have some news here.

Thanks for your patience all.

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are you seeing serious performance differences? I didnt see a big difference… this cifs:// thing is only required on MacOS and if your drive is ExFAT.

Yes I’m seeing a difference in read/write speeds to the external drive:

CIFS: write speed 49mb/sec, read speed 30mb/sec

SMB: write speed 105mb/sec, read speed 87mb/sec

And, even if I weren’t, surely both protocols should at least work?

yes, and they do in some situations… but my guess is that your drive is exfat and you are running sierra or high sierra.

There seems to be a smb2 compatibility issue here… we are looking into it.

RoonOS build 156 contains fix that should no longer require cifs:// on MacOS. It can use smb:// freely now.

Thank you Roon People. I raised this as a support issue on Jan 21 and considering your work stack and the fact that the issue wasn’t exactly a deal breaker that’s a jolly good (as we Brits say) level of customer service.

Thanks for the fix.

Hey danny. Any potential problem with leaving it using cifs (if everything is working well right now)?

Or would you strongly recommend changing to smb?

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