Can't access QOBUZ anymore even using email address as user (message received from QOBUZ)

Roon Core Machine

QOBUZ account - NUCLEUS ROON - MOON 390 streamer - MACBOOK PRO/Iphone/Ipad

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

MOON 390

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Can’t play from QOBUZ through ROON/NUCLEUS anymore. QOBUZ said reset password to try > can’t even access anymore to my QOBUZ account. I do use my email to log-in.
=> QOBUZ contacted : confirm to come to you as I do use my email address and not my user name.
Important to know: it does work properly from QOBUZ app directly (new pwd, music listening…)

Check this:

Thanks, sole think I hadn’t do/try was restarting my Nucleus.

It does work back. Nevertheless, I have always used my email address… and I DID lose QOBUZ use through ROON…

Try rebooting your Nucleus. Qobuz wouldn’t play via ROCK but restarting working for me.

Thanks, it does work properly now!

Same here, I have used my email for Qobuz login from the start. I can also login using those credentials directly into Qobuz. Restarting my Roon server did not work. I can still not login to Qobuz in Roon/Settings/Services.

  • logout Qobuz from Roon/Settings/Services
  • reboot Roon server
  • loging Qobuz in Roon/Settings/Services
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After 3rd try it finally worked…

I had the same problem and always used my email for login. Restarted and now it is working.

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