Can't Access Roon

I haven’t been able to access Roon since yesterday, Wednesday, 10th
and really would appreciate some help.

When I click on the Roon icon on the iPad home page I get a blank
(dark) screen. I think the problem may be that I updated the Core
for Roon 1.8 first (!!!) on Tuesday, 9th. (I didn’t see the warning to
update the IOS first until I got the problem and visited the Community
site.) But everything worked fine on Tuesday, right after I updated
the core, and I couldn’t fine a way to update the IOS. Question is,
where do I go from here.

Core Machine
Antipodes EX, Linux

Network Details
Telus3200M Modem/Router. Ethernet

Audio Devices
Antipodes EX Music Server, Moon 280D DAC

Hi @Cecil_Chang

Are you able to access the Core from other remotes okay?

Can you verify that all of your devices have been updated?

Is there any change if you reboot your Core and the iPad?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks very much for your quick reply.
The great news is that I can now log in to Roon.
The strange thing is that yesterday and this morning, before I posted my problem, I went to the App Store > Roon . There was an ‘OPEN’
button in the ‘Roon Remote’ box, and when I clicked on it, I got a
blank screen.

I thought I’d try it again just now before responding to your email,
but this time there was and ‘UPDATE’ button instead of ‘OPEN’, so
I clicked on it and now everything is ok. Thanks.