Can't Access Tidal Anymore


Hoping someone can help.
I have been using Tidal with Roon for a while now and its always behaved itself, but earlier this week it wouldn’t log on. I use the very same Tidal user ID and password in Roon as if I was accessing Tidal directly. On Roon it says ‘bad name or password’, they are both correct if I access via the browser directly.

Try logging out and then logging back in to the Service under Settings. If that fails, then you can try clearing the Tidal cache as per the instructions in the post linked below.

Did you read boot the Roon core? If not, try it and log in again

Hi @Martin_Morgan,

I would try logging in via the TIDAL web player to see if it works ( with the same account, and afterwards try rebooting your Core or possibly refreshing the Cache folder. If these steps do not resolve the issue can you provide some more information regarding your setup?

  • Core model/manufacturer
  • Network setup - Router/Switches/Powerline Adapter model/manufacturer
  • How the Core is connected (WiFi/Ethernet)
  • The exact error message you are being displayed with

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