Can't add albums from Tidal to Roon library

Nucleus+ 1.7 537

Netgear Nighthawk Ethernet

Naim uniti Atom

I’m unable to add albums to Roon. Roon says I have 9562 Tidal albums while on the Tidal app I received a message saying that I have 10,000, a difference of 438.

Is there a way to be able to add the 438 albums?


Hi Paul,

If you Focus on Tidal and Inspector > Hidden, does it show 438?

Hidden can be shown or not in Settings > General > Show Hidden Tracks and Albums.

Cheers, Greg

Maybe they are duplicates and are hidden, try setting Show Hidden in Settings to Yes and see if that changes things.

Hi Greg,

Yes you’re right.



Thanks Rugby,

That’s the answer

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