Can't add Artist Images to ROCK

New to Roon, just finished my 2 week trial running only Roon, just got ROCK setup on a NUC8i3BEH using an external USB Drive. Prior to running Rock I was able to add some images, still not a wonderful process, but now under ROCK I can’t get any images to add, all receiving “Failed to load image from File Browser”

I tried all 3 methods. Before ROCK I was having success using Paste URL and by creating a temp directory on my external USB Drive outside the folders Roon was watching and could copy images there, then point to that location when Adding Images, but this is now not working.

Looking for A) a solution and B) Tips and Tricks

I used the same external USB Drive with my music when I setup Rock, but didn’t know about Migrating my music DB, so I have my music files, but they were re-imported and lost all my customization. Which is not too bad as I’m still working with a small subset of my music until I learn how to manage it before I add all my files.

You’re probably using a read-only file system. Read also

Thanks BlackJack, I was gonna re-format my USB drive but it has too much data on it to mess with, thus I’m just switching over to the internal drive, I have a new internal SSD drive on order, I’ll make sure that it’s formatted correctly and then convert over to that to see if it fixes my issue, should be in my Fri so I’ll fix it this weekend.

Thanks for the tip.

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@BlackJack Fantastic, you helped, Thanks.

My new and properly formatted internal SSD drive fixed everything.