Can't Add Music To Playlists

Core Machine
2016 MacBook Pro

Network Details
Comcast internet with pods. Sometimes connected to pods via ethernet. Sometimes not. Makes no difference for any problem I have with Roon.

Audio Devices

Library Size
35,000 tracks. Playlists are at about 9500 and 15000 tracks respectively.

Description of Issue
Can’t Add Music To Playlists.

I’ve sent you my logs before. I’m so frustrated. I’ve loved Roon for years, but it’s basically unusable at this point if this problem can’t get solved.

Sorry for the frustration, @Jacob_Goldman!

Is this happening for all playlists?

Were these playlists created in Roon or are they imported from somewhere else?

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

Hello Dylan,

I’ll send some screenshots, but all they’ll show is the songs being added to Roon created playlists, and then not being there again. The logs might confirm the same.

Would it help if I made my playlists smaller? Made a new playlist, and transferred half of the songs from the old playlist to the new one?

Hello @dylan. Splitting playlists into two smaller playlists does seem to work so far. I’ll continue doing this in the future if the playlists get unmanageable again. Thank you so much for your help in the mean time. Be well!

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